• Are you relevant?
      Google lists results of all searches in order of relevance to the search words. How do you become relevant?


    • Art or Information?
      Should your home page be a work of art, or should it concentrate on providing useful information?


    • Content – Look out for it
      Search engines list web pages in order of relevance to a search. How relevant to a search is the content of your web site?


    • FLASH! To be or not to be
      Should your website be in Flash or in HTML? The answer can make a difference to your business.


    • Fresh content for Google
      Google is always looking at your website for fresh content and when Google sees fresh content it tells the whole world. It`s been proved that when websites change content, their position in Google improves.


    • Freshen up content for Google
      We know that if all other factors are equal, Google ranks websites with fresh content above other websites in a search. So fresh content in your website is worth gold. But how do you freshen up your content?


    • Google Gets You Customers
      Search engines are marketing tools that some businesses just don`t use yet. Some marketers rely on traditional advertising or pretty girls on the street pushing leaflets. How does the internet compare?


    • Key Words: they will find you on the web
      Key words are what people give a search engine to find what they are looking for on the web. You can define your key words before you even start your website.


    • Popular on the Web
      If search engines determine that your website is popular, then they will list it as relevant to a search, the more popular – the more relevant. The more relevant, the higher you will be listed in search results. But how easy is to be popular?


    • Search engine friendly
      The object of search engines is to give their visitors a list of web pages relevant to the search words, in the order of relevance to the search words. So what do they want from websites?


    • SEO is easy in WordPress
      WordPress has free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. Using them with a little thought can position your website at the top of Google searches.


    • Should You Pay For SEO
      Every day we get emails from someone promising to put our website at the top of page one of Google. Like anything expert, Search Engine Optimization can be expensive. What do SEO experts do? Can you do it yourself?


    • Stay on top of Google
      So you are on page one in Google, but how do you keep your position?


    • Top Of Google With Content
      To get a good position in Google your website must have among other things good content that is relevant to searches. This article discusses how to improve your position in a Google search by improving your content.


    • You Beauty Links
      Your position in Google is determined by two main factors, key words on the web page and links to that page. If Google thinks you are popular then your website must be relevant to a search.