• Are Free Websites Any Good?
      We see many Free Websites and site builders advertised promising to get you online in minutes. Are they any good? Are the websites as easy to create as they promise? Would free websites suit a business?


    • How long does it take?
      How long it takes to get a website built depends on the content of the website.


    • Is Your Website Mobile?
      In the last year many more people have started using iPhones, Androids, iPads, Blackberries and other hand held devices to browse the Internet. How well does your website display on these devices.


    • Pixels worth a thousand
      Optimizing photos of your products for your web page. How to make the most of your photos.


    • Protect Your Website
      There are many ways a website can be hacked or attacked. Here are some actions that website owners can take to protect their sites.


    • Take control of your website
      Most modern websites are now built with a content management systems (CMS). This enables a business to always keep a website up to date without needing any HTML skills. This can be expensive or it can be FREE.


    • Update your own web pages?
      You need your website information to always be up to date. Is this expensive, or can you do it yourself?