Once you register a domain name you can’t get a refund if you change your mind.

If you registered the wrong name you can forget about that name and register the name you really want. You can just let the wrong name expire at the end of its registration period.

We know of an extreme case where the registrant put www in front of the name when registering with GoDaddy. So instead of the name mybusiness.com he got the name wwwmybusiness.com which meant that the internet address for his website would be www.wwwmybusiness.com

If he told people his website was at wwwmybusiness.com they would naturally put www.mybusiness.com in the browser address bar and not find the website.

GoDaddy’s computers would not know what he really wanted.

It can pay to register domain names through a reseller like platywebs.com.au where a human can look at it first.