WE WILL SEND RENEWAL REMINDERS to you of expiry dates of domain names you have registered with us or transferred to us.

If you forget to pay, we will alert you again before the domain expires.

What if you don’t pay on time?

If you don’t pay on time we won’t renew the domain. Even if we think you might want the domain renewed we won’t renew it. We did that once and the owners had decided they no longer wanted the domain. So we don’t anticipate renewals because there are no refunds from registries if the owners change their minds.

When do we consider it’s paid?

1) When the credit shows in our bank with domain or invoice as reference, or
2) When we receive a payment advice from your bank or from PayPal, or
3) We receive a cheque.

We don’t consider it’s paid when:
1) You email saying that you “will pay it soon.”
2) You email saying “the cheque’s in the mail.”
3) You email saying that you “will pay it into the bank.” (These are real examples).

What happens if the domain name expires?

There is a 30 day serverHold (Expired) period during which time the domain is not available for others to register and may be renewed by the owner.

During that time any website or email services are not available. I.e. Your email won’t work and your website will disappear.
Leave it too long and Google will forget about you too.

If the name was registered with another company, we can transfer it to our registry and immediately have the website visible and emails working again. (Domain name password and owners condfirmation is required for a transfer, so if your email address with the registry is out of date this becomes complicated).

What happens after the 30 days?

After 30 days the registry may put the domain into a “Redemption Period” of a further 30 days, or a “Pending Delete” of 5 days.
In a Redemption Period, a registry may charge a very large fee to “redeem” the name. Why would they do that? Because they can.

In a Pending Delete period following a Redemption Period the domain is still unavailble for renewal or registration.

In a Pending Delete period following a serverHold period some registrars allow it to be renewed.

If during the above time the domain is not redeemed, renewed or transferred, it is then available to the world to register. At that point it’s first come first served. Some prospective registrants are on waiting lists for good domain names. We have seen a client lose a domain name because they didn’t pay within 30 days of expiry.

Here are some common statuses of domain names:

Status What it means
ACTIVE or OK Status when registered. Website/email services available.
Can be renewed / transferred.
INACTIVE Has less than 2 nameservers. Website/email services not available.
clientTransferProhibited The owner needs to unlock the domain before it can be transferred.
serverHold (Expired) 30 days. Website/email service not available until renewed.
Can be renewed / transferred.
PENDING TRANSFER Active – Website/email services are available.
REDEMPTION PERIOD 30 days – Cannot be renewed / transferred.
Often registrars ask large fees to redeem domains in this period.
PENDING DELETE 5 days – Cannot be renewed.
After this period it’s available for anyone to register.

For more information on status of domain names see www.midano.com/FAQ/statusCodes.asp