Is an extra domain name a good investment?

There are several reasons to own more than one domain name

  • Stops someone else owning it.
  • Different version of your main domain name, e.g. .COM, .NET.
  • Shorter or longer version of your main name, e.g. /
  • Create more links to your website for search engine optimisation (SEO).

How extra domain names can be used as links?

  1. URL Forwarding of extra name.
    The extra name opens the website but the search engines see only the small amount of text allowed in the forwarding file.
  2. Parking extra name on existing website.
    The extra name opens the website and the search engines see all of the text of the website.
  3. Hosting the extra name with a separate web page on which there is a link to the main website.
    • Search engines will see the text of the separate web page and the link and count that link as an incoming link to the main website.
    • This is of more value than the first two options in “search engine optimisation” of the main website.
    • On this separate website you can extoll the virtues of your main website using many key words.
    • You can fill it and and attach more pages to give this website more relevance to Google. (Take care not to duplicate pages of your main website)