Shark warning

  • Some unaccreditedl registrars are sending “Domain Name Expiration Notices” to unsuspecting name owners.
  • These offer to renew the name by asking for payment 3 months before it’s due, and asking for 50% to 100% more than the market price.
  • Such companies are calling themselves “Domain Registry of America” or “Domain Registry of Australia” or “Domain Name Group” or Domain Register Pty Ltd” or “Registration Services Inc”.
  • It is safer to renew the domain name through the company you registered it with, or one of the auDA Accredited Registrars or their resellers.
  • Still check prices and inclusions first. There is $100+ difference between the top price and the cheapest.
  • There is also a company emailing everyone requesting them to be registered for search engine listing for a price. Ignore them and make your website search engine friendly.

Email address warning

If you change your email address after registering a domain name, be sure to tell the registrar, otherwise you may not receive the renewal notice and lose the domain name.
If you wish to transfer from one registrar to another you need to transfer on or before the renewal date. After the renewal date the existing registrar can cancel your visibility on the internet, but hold rights to it for 30 days.