We can help you start an online business ecommerce website for $500 plus domain name and hosting.

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The above cost includes Australia Post shipping charge, payment optionsloading the first 400 products including prices, sale prices, dimensions, weights, short descriptions, long descriptions, categories and sub-categories, product codes (SKU) and image file names, plus images, with the following conditions:

1) Product details for all products are supplied just once, on one spreadsheet with columns for the above headings and one product per row, one row per product.

2) Where products have options e.g. sizes / colours, each such option is counted as another product for the purpose of being included in the price.

3) Images are optimised to fit the web pages, one image per product. Extra will be charged if images not all supplied together.

The spreadsheet can be an Excel file or similar, or a CSV file. Extra is charged for any other format, or if more than one spreadsheet is sent, or if a spreadsheet is sent then amended. All these extras require more time and can be done by the website owner anyway.

You can add tens of thousands more products, and there is an import products plugin to help that, or you can use the admin to load them one by one. But we can quote to load more. You can also have several images per product.

To help your SEO you should make each product’s long description as full as possible and each product name as descriptive as possible.

You can also add more inside pages of information and we encourage you to do that to help Google give you a good position. You can do that or we can do it for $33 per page. Pages can be about yourself, your products and their use, information on their maintenance, service, etc., even a history of the products.

Shipping charges can be flat rate per order or per product or the Australia Post calculation based on weight and dimensions. Extra may be charged for complex shipping cost calculations. But there are wordpress plugins that cover many requirements.

Payment options can be PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cheque. Other payment options such as your own bank credit card facility or Eway may have an additional cost. But there are many wordpress plugins for other options.

The ecommerce package used is Woocommerce on WordPress, so you can easily add more pages of information after we get you started, or we can quote to do that.

Every assistance will be offered to get you started quickly and we are here to provide guidance as you start trading and continue trading. We have seen several previous clients start from their kitchen table or a spare corner in their house and progress to a shop or warehouse. Some have then sold out to large Australian companies.