Why are the Platypus hosting servers faster than those of larger hosting companies?

  1. The three Platypus servers in Sydney and Brisbane are each dedicated to only the Platypus clients, while the larger companies cram thousands of websites on to their servers.
  2. The Platypus servers are constantly monitored for unusual activity which is addressed promptly by the server management.
  3. Caches are used to improve loading time for websites.
  4. All servers are located in Australia. so providing speedy connections for Australian websites. Read about Speed Tests

Our servers have:

Virtualisation software
High availability
Rapid deployment
Full control
Auto-failover multi-homed network
Dual Tier 1 ISP connections (Telstra & Uecomm)
Additional ISP connections with PIPE
Cisco routing
99.9% uptime guarantee
24×7 network monitoring
24×7 hardware monitoring
Daily backup
User remote reboot
Email & SMS monitor alerts
Automatic security updates
Operating system options

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