Included in hosting plans:

  • Operating System – Maintenance of the operating system which covers Upgrades and Security patches in order to ensure the operating system is running the latest secure version and any known security issues are patched.
  • Control Panel – Maintenance of the hosting control panel to ensure it is the latest secure version.
  • Software – Ensuring the scripting software, such as PHP, Perl and Apache on Linux servers and .ASP and .NET on Windows servers, are at the latest secure version.
  • Security – Ongoing scanning and audits of the server to prevent attacks at a server level.
  • Monitoring – Monitoring of the services which run on a server to ensure they are functioning at all times and to proactively resolve any issues as and when they arise. This is for the services at a server and not at a site level.
  • We provide and have maintained the platform (Operating System and Control Panel) on which you run your site and/or business. Our responsibility is to see your server is running at optimum performance and secured to the highest level we deem appropriate.
  • Email support 24/7, Phone support business hours AEST.

Not included free in hosting plans:

  • Telephone support outside business hours.
  • Installation, configuration or debugging of clients’ scripts or web pages or PHP, ASP, .NET, CGI, PL, HTML or CSS code. Web designers can be engaged for this.
  • Support or help for any downloaded third party scripts, e.g.
    • WordPress and its 10,000 themes.
    • WordPress plugins.
    • CubeCart, ZenCart, OsCommerce and their various versions and plugins.
    • Perl and CGI scripts.
    • Any other third party scripts.
    • Clients should research and check for forums on third party scripts. A Google search usually reveals lots of help.
    • We are not obliged to undertake to solve problems that clients have with applications, but we will try to help if we can.
  • Even if we provide some free help, e.g. setting up WordPress, this is at our discretion and does not bind us to provide further free help forever.
  • Restoring individual websites from backups.

Not included in hosting

included in hosting