Access to any service of Platypus Websites, Hosting, or Domain Name Registration (Platypus) is bound by the broad principals and terms of this Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

If you do not wish to be bound by this AUP you may not use any Platypus service.

Platypus reserves the right to warn, suspend or terminate services based on its interpretation of this AUP.

Platypus will specifically not host websites related to porn, dating, drugs, gambling, spam generating, computer games or any other activity that is not acceptable by Platypus Websites Pty Ltd.

Any breaches of this AUP should be reported to .

There will be no refund for any service terminated because of any breach of this AUP.

If platypus hosting services are no longer required for any reason there will be no refund for any unused period.



Responsibility —

  • Accept Responsibility for all use of Platypus services, whether authorised or not.
  • Accept Responsibility for complying to AUPs of other systems.
  • Accept Responsibility for all content published through Platypus services.
  • Accept Responsibility for ensuring any third party that have access to Platypus service are aware of and are bound by this AUP.
  • Accept Responsibility for own customers and third party use of Platypus services including all costs.
  • Agree that reckless or irresponsible use or non use of Platypus services may result in, suspension or termination, without notice.
  • Accept all liability in relation to a service use.


  • No action or inaction that may result in a breach of security or our security or another’s security.
  • No attempts to violate anyones security systems including but not limited to, password guessing, private URL guessing.
  • No Trojans or Worms or Viruses or any form of invasive or harmful or annoying or destructive programs to be used or applied to others.
  • No sniffing for vulnerabilities.
  • No unauthorised modification of editing of content.
  • Customer must close immediately all open relays and other vulnerabilities used by SPAMers when notified.


  • No Denial of Service attacks or other activities that may result in degradation of performance.
  • No activities that may take advantage of vulnerabilities that cause interruption to service or degradation of services.
  • No flooding or overfilling or abuse of links or other resources
  • No unreasonable use of any resource.


  • No invasion of privacy
  • No programs or methodologies to be used that gain unauthorised access to private information
  • No dissemination of others private information without permission
  • Protect passwords from unauthorised or misuse.


  • No fraudulent activities.
  • All activities must comply with Commonwealth Law and applicable state Law and the law of another nation where that activity incorporates that nations borders.
  • No use of unauthorised credit or financial facilities
  • No forgery of email or usenet headers.
  • No hijacking of domains ,systems, computers, programs or hardware.


  • Customer may remain anonymous but may not forge its identity through the use of Platypus services.
  • No sexual harassment
  • No racial vilification
  • No inciting violence
  • No defamation
  • No cyber squatting domains


  • No SPAM
  • No unsolicited commercial to be sent via email/news or other media.
  • No breach of international or domestic copyrights, trademarks or patents.
  • No publishing of adult or RC material that is in contravention of NSW or Commonwealth Law.