Do calculations for your hosting space needs and see what you can save on a web hosting plan.

Your web hosting plan is based on several components: disk hosting space, traffic, number of email boxes, backups, logs, stats and other services. Why pay for more than you need? If you need more in the future, you can upgrade to the next hosting plan.

The question is, what level of these do you really need for your website?


We provide unlimited traffic (bandwidth) on our hosting plans.

Disk space:

  • If you have the files for your website on your hard disk, use Windows Explorer Folder Listing to find out how many Mb / Gb in the folder.
  • If your website is already hosted check your hosting control panel / cpanel for disk space, or ask us to check.
  • What makes up the space?
    • HTML text files are very small, although we have seen files created in MS Office programs four times the size they need be.
    • Image files can be large in terms of kilobytes. Check their size in Windows Explorer. Our image files average less than 50 KB. If yours are larger than 100 Kb then try optimizing them by compressing with a graphics program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Read our article “Pixels worth a thousand”.
    • If you use a very complex theme and a lot of plugins you may be using more space than average.
    • Allow for automated online backups which you can restore from quickly.
    • Allow space for emails if you have emails using your domain name, but don’t leave more than a day’s emails on the server.
    • Allow for Logs of activity, but you don’t need more than a year of these.

    A lot of our clients use the 150 Mb plan for their websites. However those with a large number of products for sale online need more. Some online shops need only the 600Mb plan but many use 1.2 Gb or 2.4 Gb or 6 Gb plans. It depends on the number of products and the complexity of the product images.