Blocked IP Address: You can’t see your website in your browser from your own computer but others can see it!

This could mean that your IP address has been blocked by the firewall of the server on which your website is hosted.

What causes this?

The usual message in the firewall log is that wrong logins have been attempted many times in a short period of time. That could mean that a hacker is using a password cracking program to login to your control panel or FTP or WordPress. However we often find that the website owner is the culprit.

Why would anyone try the wrong login 10 times. Surely it would be easier to go back to the original email from us and find the correct login.

How to unblock your IP address

Just send it to us and we will unblock it. Find out your IP address at However, depending on your internet access plan with your ISP, e.g. Telstra, your IP address may be a dynamic one, which you can change by just switching off your modem/router and switching it on again.