Databases are the ‘backend’ of ecommerce and shopping carts but also store the information that is on wordpress pages

Database are basically lists from which information can be extracted.
The list can be of products with names, descriptions, dimensions, prices, links to images. The list can be of any type of information. We prepare your information in databases as simple or as complex as required.

Databases behind shopping carts can be in any format. Most now use MySQL on a remote server. A database of products has rows of products and columns for Name, description, price, product image file, etc.

There are screens for you to update your website database ‘on-line’

One client loads testimonials into their database. An indicator on some displays the testimonial on the home page while the others display on the inside ‘Testimonials’ page. The same method can be used for News items, or Sports club timetables.
Databases allow our clients to update their items without any knowledge of HTML or programming.

Relational databases allow information from separate tables with something in common to be reported. e.g:

  • Post code in a customer’s address related to postage rates from Australia Post with that postcode.
  • Printer name in a list of printers related to list of printer cartridges suitable for that printer.
  • Someone’s search preferences related to information in a list of members in a computer dating site.