What is excess traffic?
Excess traffic is where your website traffic in Megabytes exceeds the quota in your particular hosting plan. See Calculate Hosting Needs. If your traffic exceeds the plan limit you have a choice of paying 10c per Mb of excess or $40 per year extra for the next plan.Say on the 9th month of a $59/year plan, your traffic reached 600Mb. You have a choice of paying the excess charge of 100Mb x 10c = $10, or paying $13.33 to upgrade to the next plan for 4 remaining months (including the 9th month).There is no need to pay for a higher website hosting plan until you need it.

Where is the Linux datacentre?
One Linux datacentre is in Sydney, one in Brisbane.Each has recently completed a major upgrade of datacentre facilities, including an upgrade to the firewalls and routers, as well as an enhanced bandwidth arrangement and is also a peering partner with PIPE Networks, plus arrangements with Pacific Internet and Soul providing extensive redundancy for all services.

Where is the Windows datacentre?
Windows IIS Data Centre is in Brisbane.It provides Redundancy, Reliability, Stability and Performance. We use a managed dedicated server.

How do I connect to the MS SQL Database?
To start your MS SQL Server database, go to the control panel and click “Databases” – then setup a unique name. Then connect to the SQL Server with normal SQL Server tools and build tables, procedures, whatever as per a local server.

What is the SQL Server or MySQL database size limit?
Hosting plan limit covers database, all files and email boxes.

Am I able to use Enterprise Manager to access the SQL Server database?
Yes. The usual Microsoft SQL Server tools for populating and managing the database (e.g. Enterprise Manager, Query Analyser, DTS).

Am I able to have 2 sites running off the one hosting plan? ie www.company1.com & www.company2.com
Only if one site is in a sub-directory. But you can have several domain names opening one website. You can have sub-domains for separate websites. Platypus Web Hosting is cheap enough to get separate hosting for a second company. If you have a large number of website we can do a hosting plan with “Addon” domains. These are the same as separate hosting accounts except that the “Addons” don’t have a cPanel. Ask us for a price.

What are popular utilities in the Linux hosting plans?
The PHPlist mailing list is very popular with clubs for emailing regular Newsletters to their members. You can import your list of email addresses, paste your HTML newsletter into the source of the email message and just send it to all members.But look through the Free extras.

Why don’t you have Bots to automatically set up domain names and hosting?
Well, we have bodies instead of bots. You can’t talk to bots, but you can talk to bodies and we can talk to you.