cPanel is the control panel for Linux hosted websites

Here are the controls it contains:


pop imap smtp new account Email Accounts
webmail Webmail
forwarders forward Forwarders
autoresponder Autoresponders
default address Default Address
mailman mailing lists Mailing Lists
account level filtered Account-Level Filtering
user level filtered User-Level Filtering
email mail delivery report Email Trace
import mail csv xls Import Addresses and Forwarders
spf domain-keys authentication dkim Email Authentication
entry mx dns MX Entry
email calendar contact address book CalDAV CardDAV Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration
Google Apps Wizard
MailScanner Configuration



backup restore Backups
backup wizard restore Backup Wizard
file manager file-manager File Manager
file manager file-manager Legacy File Manager
d space usage disk-usage Disk Space Usage
webdav webdisk web disk Web Disk
ftp create account FTP Accounts
ftp session accounts FTP Session Control
R1Soft Restore Backups



latest visitors Latest Visitors
bandmin transfer Bandwidth
webalizer stats Webalizer
webalizer stats ftp Webalizer FTP
rawlogs logs access Raw Access Logs
analog stats Analog Stats
errorlog error_log error log Error Log
stats manager Choose Log Programs
awstats AWStats
Resource Usage



password protect protect password Password Protect Directories
deny block IP Address Deny Manager
certificate key csr SSL/TLS Manager
ssh secure shell sftp SSH Shell Access
protection HotLink Protection
leech protect Leech Protect
gpg keys GnuPG Keys
ModSecurity mod security mod_security ModSecurity



domain Subdomains
domain Addon Domains
domain Parked Domains
rewrite modrewrite Redirects
DNS zone CNAME TTL Simple DNS Zone Editor
DNS zone CNAME TTL Advanced DNS Zone Editor



mysql database MySQL Databases
mysql database MySQL Database Wizard
mysql database phpMyAdmin
remote mysql Remote MySQL
postgres postgresql database PostgreSQL Databases
postgres postgresql database PostgreSQL Database Wizard
postgresql postgres database psql phpPgAdmin


Software and Services

cgi CGI Center
addons software Site Software
module perl Perl Modules
php pear packages PHP PEAR Packages
config configuration PHP Configuration
optimize Optimize Website





apache handlers extension configure Apache Handlers
image resize manager scaler thumbnailer format Image Manager
index manager Index Manager
errorlog error_log error log Error Pages
cronjob cron job tab edit Cron Jobs
traceroute tracert dns lookup dig Network Tools
ticket helpdesk Submit a Support Request
mime mimetype types MIME Types
Softaculous Apps Installer