There are strategies to avoid the time it would normally take for a virus checker to download and quarantine the emails.

Since some emails are 68Kb size, downloading the lot would be like downloading over 20Mbs of scanned photos and take ages.

Here are some strategies

  • Junk mail box
    1. Set-up a junkmail email box with your host – say
    2. Set-up a redirection of all emails not specifically to your address (i.e. to go to that junk mail box
    3. Log into
    4. Enter the email address and password.
    5. Your emails will be listed.
    6. Choose “List All” or see them page by page.
    7. Delete them all.


  • Set-up a filter in your email program
      This will separate junk from real mail – but check the junk – real mail can slip into junk