Backups of each server are taken daily in the early hours of the morning. These are only accessible by the techs. A restore of a single account can be scheduled 24 hours from request.

This delay has now been overcome with the installation of a cPanel program “JetBackups” in the Files section. This enables you to restore immediately from the latest or any day’s backup. Restore or Download Full Backups or components: Home Directory, Cron Jobs, Databases, Database Users, DNS Zones, Certificates, Email Accounts, FTP Accounts.

Website owners can also use the cpanel Backup Wizard to take their own backups as well at any time. This includes the website, databases and emails. Please ensure these backups are kept on your own hard disk. If you leave them on the server they will take up the space you have paid for storing your website.

In cpanel > Software: Softaculous can be set to take automatic backups of WordPress websites at set intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly – and keep only the latest set number of backups on disk. This is only the website and database, not emails.

In WordPress there are plugins to do backups on demand, very useful when developing a website where you may want to roll back.

It is recommended that emails be kept on your own computers.

So you now have a choice of where to restore from