Search Engine Optimizing for any website requires work to compete with the many millions of competing websites. But SEO for a single product website is difficult.

One of our websites was initially on page one of Google but then its position dropped below many competing sites.

Our first job was to find out exactly what people were searching for.

The single product was the book “Gadi Mirrabooka – Australian Aboriginal Tales from the Dreaming” at – and we initially empasized ‘Aboriginal stories’ in the web pages.

To optimize for a prime search engine position, we:

  1. Created another website to point to it. (Quality incoming link).
  2. Increased the number of web pages to over 60 by adding a page for the beginning of each story plus pages containing the table of contents, Introduction, About Aboriginal Stories, About the Storytelers, Glossary, Bibliography, etc. (Quality information).
  3. Changed the contact email to (Quality hyperlink).
  4. Added all the possible search words  to the web pages (Cover all possible searches).
  5. Added the website to some quality directories. (Quality incoming links).
  6. These changes were over a period – (Search Engines saw fresh content over a period).


We do not pay anyone for Advertising, or PPC, or SEO.

Now the website is on page one of Google for:
Aboriginal stories (out of 41 million listings)
Aboriginal story books (out of 12 million listings)
and many other search words, e.g. Aboriginal storytelling is now also on page 1 of Google for many search words and helps as a quality incoming link.

The book although published many years ago is now, with the help of its position on page one of all the major search engines, achieving record online sales in Australia.