PLANNING will get you everywhere. — Not planning will cost you money!

Some real life examples of uncoordinated planning by some clients:

  1. Arranging major radio and newpaper marketing referring to a website, before sending us the website or website update.
    That would have been OK late last century when we could drop everything because we didn’t have much to drop. Now, we must schedule our work to meet required dates
  2. Expecting top listing by Google on day one of going live.
    Google needs a couple of weeks to list new websites. If you need to be listed by a certain date, you need to plan, or pay for GoogleAds.
  3. Revising contents of website a day after going live.
    We love that because we charge for changes.
  4. Sending us 75 excel files of products for a shopping cart.
    One file is easier – we charged that client extra
  5. Sending us 320 emails (up to 14 overnight) plus numerous phone calls while we are creating the website –.
    We finally told that client to go elsewhere.