Here are some messages from clients. Some have sold their business. Sadly some have passed away. Some have taken over their website design. All were memorable to us.

Thank you so much for your help and creativity. We are both extremely satisfied with your service and will definitely recommend you. (This business expanded from a kitchen table to a warehouse which they since sold).
– Glenda, Hobby Hampers

You’re a legend Ken. What do I owe you?
– Darren, OZTechnologies

Once again Arax and I thank you for all the professional work you’ve done.
– Jacob, Arax Mansourian Soprano

You have an unusually fast and functional website!
– Customer shopping, Inkredible Inks

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic job, Ken. I think our site looks fantastic… easy to use, functional, crisp and neat. Your charge was more than reasonable, particularly when you consider the hassles I caused you. Appreciated…
– Irene, Workboot Warehouse

Thank you so much Ken for your guidance and help. After 30 years in business I have found you to be the most reliable and honest firm I have EVER dealt with and will continue to stay with you while ever we are in business, you do what you say when you say it, everything is just done hassle free, so again thank you
– Lynne, Counselling Therapies

It looks sensational! Thank you. And thank you for making the exercise stress-less for me.
– Erica, National Maritime Festival

I added stuff into the bracelet section and even did a different colour bit too. I added so far 3 new products. I am amazed that I could do it! Thanks Ken.
– Linda, Tiaras and Weddings

Wow! It looks great. You have created exactly the look and feel I was after.
– Julie, Chocolate Fountains Newcastle

Thanks for the nice work you’ve done on the website.
– Jacob, Abacus Industries

It worked! Thank you so much Ken you’re a gem. (Now sold the business)
– Cindy, Innuendo Lingerie

I am hoping to put the new version up ASAP but the Minister still has not signed off on it!!
– Nerrida, South East Catchment

Can you prioritise this over the South East Catchment.
– Jane, Southern Catchment

Thanks Ken for the good wishes and good work – glad to see you read our newsletters!
– Deb, Murray Wetlands Working Group

i was looking up porn and somehow got here !
– (‘Essex was on the page) – Visitor, Murrumbidgee Catchment

hi, im a 12 year old girl from ireland. i think this is the best site on the internet !
– Australian Storytelling

We are both really pleased with virtually everything !
– Irene, Industrial Workwear Direct

Thank you for all the work you have done on my web. There is a little bonus here for your help. Have a nice lunch or a drink on me. (We did, thanks, dinner at Belmont Sailing Club).
– Edward, Retro Dance

Great job for Temple Books. Visitors tripled in 3 months. Business has risen accordingly and customers report they like our website and database. (Business later sold)
– John, Temple Books

Thank you for the excellent work you have done
– Klaus, KJB Engineerng

Be patient. I am an artist, and a woman too.
– Paola, International Model

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!
(This international model sent us 320 emails and several phone calls. She has now returned to Italy). – Paola, International Model

The above should be the last of the changes! (But a further 100 emails followed this).
– David, ROL Solutions

You have done a wonderful job. The site is being referred to and commented on by a great many individuals here in the US. (He later retired happy).
– Noel, Australian Visa Processing