DO YOU need a logo on your website?

You may not need a graphic art logo but you will want to make your website stay in visitors’ memories.

This can be by

  • Graphic symbol
  • Photo
  • Your name in a font and colour
  • Any combination of these

These will hopefully stay in the memory of the visitor so that when they return to your home page they will recognise it and identify it with a previous visit.

If what they recognise on your home page is also on your stationery, invoice, business card, advertisement or packaging, visitors will identify those items with your website.

Logos don’t need to be intricate graphic art — just something distinctive, different and memorable. The logos on the right are really just text in different fonts and colours.

We just use our name, platypus websites, but in a distinctive colour and font to suit our web address, and placed in front of an image of a platypus.