It can be costly to try to do these in the wrong order. Allow time to do them all.

  • Products – define
  • Customers – research market
  • Suppliers – evaluate
  • Business Plan – budget
  • Business Name – choose one not similar to any existing name
  • Domain Name – check availablity of appropriate name
  • Register
    • Business Name with your state government: 1 day, OR:
    • Company with ASIC 1 day
    • Domain Name – register 1 day
  • Bank account in the name of the business or company 1 day
  • ABN from the Australian Taxation Office 4 weeks
  • Credit card merchant facility from a bank 2 to 4 weeks
  • Website – quotes 1 week
  • Website – design 2 weeks
  • Host website 1 day
  • Search engine listing 10 days
  • Accounting – see Small Business Accounting
  • Put time into your business – see Different Results

Some of the above times are concurrent, but some are not:
You need to show ownership of a business name before you can open a bank account for it.
You need an ABN or ACN before you can get a merchant facility.
You need a business name or company registration or ABN to get a domain name.
But you can get your website developed while you are waiting for an ABN or ACN.