WordPress has many benefits:

  1. Editing online without knowing any HTML
  2. Can be managed from any computer in the world.
  3. Can have multiple contributors.
  4. Website template designs can be customised.
  5. Suits small or large websites.
  6. Mobile Phone responsive websites.
  7. Websites can be made blogs or static sites.
  8. 54,000+ Plugins to suit most requirements, most of them free.
  9. Themes / Designs / Templates number in tens of thousands.
  10. Infinite Scalability.
  11. eCommerce plugin Woocommerce enables online stores sized from 1 product to tens of thousands of products with multiple categories, subcategories, attributes and brands.
  12. Woocommerce can also be used for a non-commercial catalogue. e.g. A database of wetland plants.
  13. WordPress share of content management systems worldwide 78% (May 2023). Nearest competitor 5%.
  14. A wide community of help
  15. Software continually updated.
  16. Supported by WordPress.org
  17. Favoured by Google.

Convert a website to WordPress C.M.S.

Make sure that you have at least 100 Mb space on your hosting plan available for a WordPress conversion. You will need more space for photos, ecommerce and plugins. But hosting is cheap.

  • First, copy your website to /public_html/old
  • In your cPanel, select Software > Softaculous Apps Installer > WordPress > Install.
  • Install WordPress into public_html
  • Login to www.yourdomain/wp-admin
  • Under Appearance, choose a theme. You can change the theme at any time without losing web pages.
  • Customise by loading a suitable header image to suit the width of the site and height of the header that you want, and any  other customisation.
  • In Pages-New create a home page
  • In Settings, Discussion, untick the option allowing comments
  • In Settings, Permalinks, set Custom as /%Post Title%
  • In Settings, Reading, set option to static site. Nominate the home page title here.
  • Create blank pages with titles from the webpages on your old website and with Order set to the order you want them on the menu.
  • Trash the Sample page
  • Make sub-pages as dropdowns by making their parents top level pages.
  • Edit the pages and copy the text and images from your old site’s pages to the corresponding WordPress pages.
  • You can load images from your hard disk using the Media icon on the page editing screen.
  • There are plugins to add many features: Woocommerce, Image Galleries and sliders, Database optimisers, Caches, SEO, Security, Product importers, Contact forms, 404, etc.

Once your WordPress website is working well for you, delete your old site.

Ask us for a quote to convert your website to a content management WordPress, mobile phone responsive website. It will be less than you think!  We’ll build a separate test site first so that you can compare Before and After and find anything that we miss. We can add any WordPress enhancements, eg. Image slides as on the home page of this website.