Clients are warned to be sure that they are always using the latest version of WordPress. The Dashboard announces new versions.

WordPress is upgraded frequently for security purposes. If you happen to skip an upgrade it’s possible to have problems going from an older version to the latest.

We can overcome such problems by backing up the uploads, themes, and plugins, installing the latest version of WordPress, then restoring the uploads, themes and plugins. We have been doing this free in the past, but will now charge for this, as it takes quite some time and it is the responsibility of the website owner to keep the WordPress version updated.

Watch for upgrade notices top left of the WordPress Dashboard.

Once, a client who had not upgraded had his website hacked. His website was used to send bulk spam emails and got one of our servers blacklisted by We don’t want that anymore!

The latest wordpress version requires some plugins to be upgraded.

Always be sure to have space on your hosting for upgrades. If an upgrade starts but is not completed because of lack of space then your website will not show. Instead, an error message will show. To fix that see